About Me

I began as a mortgage broker in April 2020. Once, I was First home buyer and first time investor, the difficulties I faced through this phases, I learnt a lot and I decided to be a mortgage broker to help people like me. I want my clients to succeed in their dreams through helping with their finance. I am highly motivated, and engaged in providing excellent customer service. I adhere to the customer-focused culture that is important to the achievement of providing excellent client services. I am committed to the clients and it is not one off deal for me. I still keep in touch with my clients, have their needs change. I always stay updated with my clients’ choices. I am approachable, efficient and practical, and hard working. I always aim to provide the best for my clients.

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About My Service

Here for the long haul

I have partnered with UNO to build a long term business relationship to support my customers, you

Fully supported end to end

UNO runs the entire support and customer care program ensuring consistently delivered, unparalleled service

Powered by UNO technology

UNO's technology is unrivalled in the industry, it helps me deliver better, faster results for you

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